Esprit de

This current portrait project, Esprit de Corps, was born out of my desire to connect with the community of Polk County, (to where we have somewhat recently transplanted), in the language I am most fluent—the photographic one. I wanted to discover and explore the faces, bodies, and salient details of the folks in the horse community here, and in the process, bare a touch of their soul. To connect with that part of someone where the beauty truly begins, but does not end. I’ve always felt that I was best at “making” pictures, and not “taking” pictures. Well, this project has been an incredibly satisfying one, because I feel that it is “giving” pictures. The images you see on these walls are true collaboration—there is a back and forth in portrait photography that is intimate and sensitive and requires real partnership. Some of the subjects are good friends and some were utter strangers before we worked together. But ALL are celebrated for their beauty, spirit, and history.

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