Artist’s  S t a t e m e n t

My vision is a personal and evocative one. Horses make me happy and set me on fire, and it is my hope that by sharing my individual perception of these animals in their milieu, viewers will be awakened to a connection they otherwise would not sense.

About Monica Stevenson – Equine Photographer:

Monica Stevenson is a fine art equine photographer, capturing the spirit and beauty of horses and their owners through her lens. With an individual blend of artistic vision and equestrian expertise, Monica creates captivating images that tell the stories of these magnificent creatures and the humans in their lives.

Based in the pastoral landscape of Tryon, North Carolina, and the bustling artistic hub of New York City, Monica draws inspiration from both worlds. The dynamic energy of NYC infuses her work with a global perspective, while the tranquil foothills of North Carolina provide a serene backdrop for her equine endeavors.

Monica’s deep connection to the equestrian world is evident in her work. As an accomplished rider and horse-woman, she shares a special bond with her Oldenburg mare, Brooklyn, blossoming together in Brooklyn’s nascent dressage career. This first-hand understanding of the equestrian discipline allows Monica to capture the intimate moments and powerful expressions that define the equine-human relationship.

Recognized as one of the best equine photographers in the industry, Monica’s portfolio showcases her exceptional talent for capturing the grace, strength, and elegance, and inner spirit of horses. Her images evoke a sense of awe and admiration, celebrating the timeless beauty of these majestic creatures.  She has a talent for visually recording the soul of the equine and the beauty of the human. 

Whether in the heart of the city or surrounded by the tranquility of the countryside, Monica Stevenson’s equine photography is a testament to her unwavering passion and artistry. Each photograph is proof of her dedication to preserving the essence of horses and sharing their stories with the world.


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I would like to thank my sponsor, Epson, for their continued support and encouragement. Epson’s superlative products and their technical and artistic philosophies are so in sync with my own, and give my work the luxurious appearance and feel that I am deeply proud of.

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Monica recently shot the 4 covers for The Tryon Equestrian Directory for 2018.

The timely publication of these images celebrates the World Equestrian Games 2018 that will take place in September, 2018.